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Dance Fitness classes for all fitness levels! Even if you’ve never been to any type of class before coming, that’s ok!  I will always do a little intro at the beginning to show how to take any move down to a simple step/touch option.

It’s more than just a fitness class!  It’s a unique environment where participants can grow both mentally and physically.  The most important thing to me has always been to create a welcoming, judgement-free atmosphere for anyone that walks through the door.  You can come to a class without knowing a single person and you’ll never feel out of place! 

All of my classes take place in a darkened room.  I take party lights to every class and the only bright light is the light shining on me so that you can see the moves.  

No need to be shy!  

You really can dance like no one's watching!

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Drop-in Rates and Punch Passes Available!

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Cardio doesn't have to be boring! 
My classes make your workout feel like a night out with friends.

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I have been instructing a variety of dance fitness classes in Fort McMurray over the past 14 years!

In 2009, I was asked if I would like to bring this new thing called Zumba to town. Saying yes was one of the scariest but best decisions that I have ever made!  The first class that I instructed was actually the very first time that I ever stepped foot into a fitness class.  I did my training the following week lol!  I'm so glad there were no other Zumba classes in town to compare it to, because I definitely did the same steps over and over for an hour.  I still remember how I felt after that class...I wanted to crawl into a hole and never come out LOL

I did get much better though and completely fell in love with instructing.   I'm so glad that I didn't quit because I can't even imagine a life without classes!  A few years later, I completed a certification for Zumba Step and also for Strong by Zumba.  In 2017, I went to Vegas do my certification for Vixen Workout and became the 2nd Canadian instructor.  In 2019, I started as a trainer with 9Round Fitness.

In 2021 when all of the studios were closed, I finally did the work to accomplish a major goal of mine. I completed my Fitness Instructor Specialist certification with CanFitPro so that I can create my own fitness classes!  I have loved every minute of my instructor journey up to this moment, but I am SO excited for this chapter!  And I am so thankful for all of you that helped make it happen!

Thanks so much for being here!   ♡ Nicole 


Age Requirements

I recommend 18+ to attend classes because I do use uncensored music.  I am ok with teens a little younger than that attending with their parent/guardian as long as they are ok with the music!   

If they do join you on the floor, they must be participating in the class.  If they decide not to participate, they are welcome to use the seating area in the back.

Image by Aditya Chinchure

Children and Classes

I totally understand how hard it can be to do things sometimes when you have little ones!  If your children are old enough to sit and occupy themselves, they are welcome to come sit in the designated area in the back of the room.  Children are absolutely not allowed to be in the dance area at any time during class though due to safety reasons!  I do ask that if you bring your children, that you stay close to the back to make sure other participants are not interrupted in case they come looking for you.  I do use uncensored music, so I just want to make sure that parents are aware of that!

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Classes will be re-starting when the studio is open!  I will update here and on my Facebook page.

No need to signup in advance!  Just come and sign in at class!  
You can pay with cash or by PayPal.  If paying with Paypal, please text me 2 hours before class at the latest for a PayPal request!

Finally a light at the end of the tunnel

It feels like a lifetime ago since we hired our contractor to start this whole adventure, but I am so excited to say that it's finally so close!

(It's the beginning of June for reference!) 

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